July........ We are  putting together a consignment type auction soon. Probaly July If you have items, you would like to consign, please contact us.  view the contact page. 

 Sept 28th........We have an auction booked near Chetek, WI on the 28th of Sept.       

this one has 3 Semi tractors two belly dump grain/sand trailers. some flatbed trailers, stainless pipeline & bulk tank. generators, tractor, Many other items. will get pics and more info up later.


Oct 5th..............We have an Auction booked near Bloomer, WI on Oct 5th,

this one has many antique items, including but not limited to... a large wooden creamery butter churn, newspaper printing screens, large schoolhouse type floor register, Oliver wrench, (many other old wrenches), Oliver trip plow, milk cans, forge, Red Ryder BB gun, other BB guns, Oliver Breaking plow, (horse pulled), Elgin 3.6 outboard, violin, bedroom sets, sewing machines, dolls, many, many, other items, includeing many household items. again a fuller listing, photos, and more info will come later.  

   Below are a few photo from Oct 5th auction more to come later.