Sept 8 2018 

Colfax WI Fairgrounds.

Colfax Firemen's Ball

We have been doing this auction for many years. It always has had a large variety, of items.

There are quite often special donations from local business. 

I at this time have no clue what is lined for this year! I will find out when I get there Sat the 8th. There are usually appliances, tools, housewares, yard garden stuff, quite often there is lawnmowers, tillers, almost always some kind of vehicle. I don't recall there ever being a reserve on any items. 

All proceeds go to the Colfax Fire Department. 

we at A.S.H. donate our services, to this event.

There are also many other events, the auction is just a small part of it!

The auction starts sometime after a very nice full parade, (street show), and a very good Chicken dinner, (or hamburger, hotdog, if you prefer.) In other words when the Chief says "lets do it". 

Usually 1-1:30ish give or take. 

Please come join the events. 

If you wish to make donation, rather for advertising or to help the Colfax Firemen, Contact:

​The Colfax Fire Dept. @ 715 962-9184